What was your income tax for 2018?

What was your income tax for 2018?

This is question 37 on the paper Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.

The answer to this question might be prefilled with "Transferred from the IRS."

This question can’t be left blank unless you won’t file a tax return.

If the answer to this question isn’t prefilled, enter your total tax amount for 2018.

Income tax paid is the total amount of IRS Form 1040-line 13 minus Schedule 2-line 46.

If you and your spouse filed separate tax returns, subtract schedule 2-line 46 from IRS Form 1040-line 13 from both tax returns and enter the total amount.

If you or your spouse will file a federal tax return, but haven't yet filed, estimate the amount that will appear in the lines noted above.

Note: The line numbers above are from the IRS tax form, not from the W-2 form.

If your (and if married, your spouse's) total income tax for 2018 is

10 million or more 9999999
Zero 0
A negative number 0

Round to the nearest dollar and don’t include commas or decimal points. If your (and your spouse’s) income tax amount is a negative number, enter zero.

Note: Income tax isn’t income. It is the amount of tax that you (and if married, your spouse) paid on your income earned from work. Your income tax amount shouldn’t be the same as your adjusted gross income.


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