Keeping the Promise: The Enhanced myStudentAid Mobile App

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By Mark Brown, former Chief Operating Officer, Federal Student Aid

Originally published on Dec. 7, 2020

The commitments—the promises—we make to ourselves and others are important. It means a lot when someone does what they say they’re going to do.

That’s why at Federal Student Aid, we’ve worked so hard to keep our promise to deliver the best federal student aid experience.

In the past year, we’ve launched several new tools and improved others, like the Annual Student Loan AcknowledgmentPublic Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Help Tool, and Loan Simulator. These resources support you as you apply for federal student aid, determine your eligibility for loan forgiveness based on public service employment, and develop a repayment strategy based on your unique goals and needs. Just last month, I promised that Federal Student Aid would continue to give you information, resources, and tools to modernize your student aid experience and make it easier to navigate successfully. And this month, I’m pleased to share that we’ve enhanced our myStudentAid mobile app to give you an even more personalized federal student aid experience on your mobile device.

In 2018, FSA launched the myStudentAid mobile app and a mobile-responsive Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form. Since then, students and parents have submitted more than five million FAFSA forms via mobile devices.

This month, we added improved features to the myStudentAid mobile app, including the ability for you to complete the 2021–22 FAFSA form directly in the app. Before these enhancements, the mobile app pointed users to their internet browser on their phone or tablet to complete the FAFSA form. It was important to us to give you—students, parents, and preparers—an enhanced in-app FAFSA experience.

Screenshot of the MyStudentAid mobile app home page
Choosing your role in the new mobile app is easy.

We’ve also added the ability to access a personalized dashboard, view detailed information with My Aid Summary, and get important notifications within the app’s Notification Center. And, we refreshed the mobile app’s look and feel to make it consistent with

The personalized dashboard feature, which you may have used on, will now be available within the mobile app. You can use the mobile app to access your personalized  that summarizes your federal aid, highlights any upcoming loan payments, and provides relevant content and checklists to help you navigate your federal student aid journey.

Screenshot of how federal student aid looks in the mobile app
View your loan and grant balance in the mobile app.

The personalization doesn’t stop there. The myStudentAid mobile app gives you the ability to view your detailed My Aid Summary. Like the My Aid Summary feature on, the app experience will allow you to view your loan servicer, loan, and grant information, as well as other aid details, such as your remaining Direct Loan and Federal Pell Grant eligibility, the number of qualifying payments you’ve made toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and more.

List of loans with payment dates and amounts in the MyStudentAid mobile app
View each loan, payment date and amount in the mobile app.

You’ll be able to get important notifications and account updates—such as alerts about recertifying your income for your income-driven repayment plan—within the Notification Center. These notices are unique to you and can help remind you about important steps you may need to take to successfully manage your federal student aid.

Image of what notifications look like in the MyStudentAid mobile app
Get notifications through the MyStudentAid mobile app

I encourage you to download the myStudentAid mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, and use it to make your federal student aid journey a success. At Federal Student Aid, we will keep our promise to you to deliver the information, tools, and resources you need. During the holiday season, I wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness.