Questions you don’t have to answer

Questions you don’t have to answer

If you are applying for federal student aid only, you may skip the following questions:

  • Your gender
  • Permanent telephone number
  • Driver's license number and state where it was issued
  • E-mail address
  • Date you became legal resident of the state
  • Highest educational level of your Parent 1 and Parent 2
  • Type of degree or certificate expected
  • Interest in work-study
  • Date parents became legal residents of their state
  • Parents’ e-mail address

If you are an independent student you are not required to provide the parents' information, and you may skip the questions about the parents' household and finances.

Note: Some colleges may require an independent student to provide parental information. Check with the Financial Aid Administrator at your college to see if your parental information is required.

If you (and your spouse or your parents, if applicable) meet certain income and tax filing conditions, you may be able to skip the following questions about assets:

  • Amount in cash, savings, and checking accounts
  • Other net worth of investments
  • Net worth of businesses and/or investment farms

Some states may require you to answer these questions to be considered for state aid. Based on your answer to the state of legal residence question, FAFSA on the Web will automatically present these questions to you if your state agency requires that they be answered.

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