Print Signature Page

Print Signature Page

If your application is missing a signature and you (or your parent) do not have an FSA ID, you can print a signature page by selecting Print Signature Page on the “My FAFSA” or “Signature Status” page.

Note: Using regular mail (tracking or special handling may result in your signature page not being processed), you must mail your signature page to the address listed on the signature page. 

Signature pages are rejected if they don’t contain applicant or parent signatures, or if the signatures on the page don’t meet specific rules and guidelines.

A valid signature requires a minimum of a title, first name or initial, and a last name. For example, for an applicant or parent named “June H. Brown” acceptable signatures include Mrs. Brown, June Brown, J.H. Brown, J. Brown, or J.H.A. Brown. The only exception is when the student or parent only has a first name or last name and indicates this in writing on the signature page.

The following types of applicant or parent signatures will result in a rejected signature page:

  • Last name or first name only, unless the student or parent has indicated he or she has only one name (i.e., signature page only shows one name for student or parent and there is a notation on the form by student or parent that indicates he or she only has one name)
  • Initials only (e.g., “JHB”)
  • Typed or stamped name
  • Photocopied signature
  • The words “father,” “mother,” or “dead” instead of signature
  • Comments like “none” or “not applicable”
  • Signature of a legal guardian

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